Optimising the Performance of the Beverley CASS SBR Plant

Yorkshire Water’s 34,000 PE Beverley WWTP was upgraded in 1999 to include a new nitrifying tertiary treatment process which consisted of two rectangular CASS SBR basins.

The Beverley WWTP treats a flow to full treatment of up to 291l/s utilising primary tanks, trickling filters, humus tanks and CASS SBR’s. The final effluent consent requirements are 25mg/l BOD (or 70% removal), 125 mg/l COD (or 75% removal) and 10mg/l ammonia on a 95%ile spot sample basis, which is discharged to the River Hull.

Over the last few years the plant has suffered from operational and performance issues. In 2016 Aquability OPS Ltd was engaged by Yorkshire Water to determine the root cause of the problems and to implement a solution to improve operation and performance.

Aquability provided the following services:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Revised SBR control philosophy
  • Jar testing and sampling and analysis
  • Primary tank chemical dosing trials
  • Commissioning
  • Process optimisation

The changes made by Aquability have had a significant effect on plant performance and process reliability resulting in the plant achieving its best ever environmental performance. Chemical dosing is not required following the optimisation of the SBR’s.