SBR Expertise

Aquability OPS Ltd are one of the UK’s leading SBR specialists, our expertise ranging from optimising existing SBR’s to designing and delivering new plants.

What is an SBR?

SBR’s (Sequencing Batch Reactors) are a secondary treatment process which biologically remove the contaminants in wastewater. SBR’s differ to conventional activated sludge in that they are a batch process rather than a continuous process, and aeration and settlement is carried out in one tank.

SBR’s operate in a cycle which is continually repeated which comprises fill, react, settle and decant. A ‘true batch’ SBR does not fill during react, settle and decant, whilst the continuous type of SBR fills during some or all of the other phases of the cycle.

SBR’s are the optimum biological process solution for most wastewater treatment problems in domestic, municipal, and industrial plants. They offer a number of advantages over conventional treatment, including reduced capital and operating costs, flexible and robust process operation with high quality effluent.

A Proven Track Record

Having worked with SBR’s for over 20 years we have an in depth knowledge of their design and operation with different types of wastewater. Our experience and expertise is second to none and covers all types of SBR’s, from the traditional fill and draw type SBR’s such as Aqua-Aerobic and Jet Tech, to semi and fully continuous SBR’s such as CASS and ICEAS.

Our most recent commissions have been for Yorkshire Water at a number of their failing SBR plants. Aquability OPS Ltd has optimised the operation and performance of the SBR’s through control system and process modifications. As a result, the plants are now robust and compliant.

How Can We Help You?

We offer a range of services to suit our Clients’ needs from design through to SBR equipment supply and commissioning :

  • Design – from concept to full design
  • Design review
  • Control Philosophies and associated software / Systems Integration
  • Commissioning planning and support
  • Operational support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Process Audits
  • Process Optimisation
  • Site Acceptance Testing
  • Training
  • Expert Witness
  • SBR plant and equipment supply