Process Expertise

Nicola’s strong technical background and wide experience means she has the unique ability to assess wastewater treatment plant design and operation, identify issues and the necessary remedies and optimise plant performance. Using their wastewater process expertise, Aquability develop creative, innovative and cost effective solutions that deliver environmental compliance whilst reducing both capex and opex.

Our services include design, commissioning, operations, troubleshooting, process optimisation and flow and load surveys. Aquability also offer bespoke training courses to suit your needs.

Aquability work hand in hand with our clients to develop robust and affordable solutions to meet their challenge. 

We offer a range of services to suit our Clients’ wastewater process needs, including:

Process Design

Our expertise covers process engineering and design within biological (particularly activated sludge processes), chemical and physical wastewater and sludge treatment. We can help you with both new plants and the upgrade of existing facilities, developing cost effective solutions for both liquid and solids treatment systems from concept through to detailed design.

Process Audits

We can establish the “Blue Print” of your existing assets and determine how the existing plant could perform if brought back to its original state / design intent. We perform a multipoint assessment of the treatment plant to determine its hydraulic and biological capacity and identify any shortfalls in plant operation.

Flow and Load Surveys

A flow and load survey is an essential requirement of any significant wastewater treatment plant new build scheme and can save vast sums of money. It also helps to identify the cause for a failing works and to determine what remedial action is required to allow the plant to be optimised.

Aquability can perform flow and load surveys to determine actual crude loads and compare against the theoretical loads, assess inter-stage loading rates and process unit performance.

Process Optimisation

Aquability can help you improve the resilience of your wastewater treatment assets in an affordable manner, to the right environmental standards. Failing and almost failing plants create an unwanted and costly distraction to your business. Aquability can help to remove this distraction by ensuring you are getting the best possible outcome from your treatment plants.

We review plant capacity, loading and performance as well as how the plant is being operated and controlled. Any immediate improvements that can be made to the plant operation will be identified, agreed and implemented. Other remedial measures to improve plant performance and reduce opex will be identified and developed to produce an optimised process solution which we then see through to implementation and testing, providing ongoing operational support if required.


Aquability can help solve your wastewater operational and performance problems. For any given observation, challenge or problem, probable causes exist, as well as possible remedies and corrective measures. 

Aquability will:

1. Identify the problem.
2. Determine the most likely cause.
3. Provide suggested remedies or corrective measures to improve plant performance and compliance.

Control Systems

Many times, the cause of failing plants is due to poor control systems, or incorrect control system settings and tuning.

Aquability Ops will review your wastewater treatment plant control system and identify any issues. In consultation with Operations, we identify and implement control system modifications to optimise plant operation and performance.

In certain circumstance the plant control philosophy may need completely rewriting, in which case Aquability will produce a new plant control philosophy that will maximise the plants capability. If required we can also implement the required software amendments / replacement.


We offer bespoke tailored training packages to meet your needs from Operator Training through to specific wastewater treatment training for your target audience.